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Mohammed Sabir Review about Blue Motors SouthamptonDuring my short staycation in Southampton from Birmingham I needed a fast repair for my brake pads and discs. Called Blue Motors and they offered an instant appointment. The service was very professional and fast with extra care and attention and with affordable prices. Click for more at bluemotorreviews. 

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We have been trading since 2005 and we pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship and customer care.

Booking a service with us is easy! Just fill in our online booking form and choose when you wish to get your car fixed.
We offer a range of services including MOT’s, servicing, repairs, tyres, brakes, exhausts, batteries, air conditioning, heating and electrical.

Our team of highly skilled mechanics are ready to help you out when you need them. Whether you require an MOT, tyre fitting, brake repair, exhaust replacement, battery replacement, air conditioning installation, heater installation or any other service, we can provide you with a high standard of workmanship at competitive prices.